Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cookie Creations

My hubby-to-be, Mr. Z (I suppose we’ll refer to him as so from now on), is a HUGE hockey fan. I’m talking fanatic. Thankfully, he is not the type to paint his face and chest at the game (a la David Puddy), but before the days of being able to record TV, all plans between the months of September and April (because his team typically didn’t make it much past the first round of the playoffs) revolved around the sport. Let’s just say PVR has improved my quality of life.

With the season just underway, and our wedding date right around the corner, I decided I wanted to send a little something sweet to my sweetie. The ladies at L&V Sweets made that a cinch! Offering an array of artistically impressive cookies to suit any occasion, these yummy treats are beautifully designed and equally delectable to taste!

For my man, I chose cookies with his hockey team’s logo. They were delivered (yes, they offer delivery on their orders) in a white box tied with white ribbon, and resting on top of this dozen were two cookies, one in the shape of a bride, the other a groom, and a card that read “One month today – I can’t wait to marry you!” He absolutely loved them (so much so that they barely lasted two days in our house before being all gone)!

Check out the adorable creations I sent to Mr. Z, as well as other fabulous faves:

 all photos were taken from L&V Sweets

These goodies make ideal favors for engagement parties, showers, and bachelorettes!



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