Monday, 24 October 2011

Wedding Day Wishlist

“I let the wedding get bigger than Big” - Carrie Bradshaw

At a certain point in your plans, you are faced with the reality that you can’t have it ALL.  I know what you’re thinking and believe me I had a very similar reaction to the likes of many brides before me wanting and ‘needing’ everything.  I have very grand (which is a nice way of saying expensive) taste and it seems that it is not possible to include every idea in our wedding.  This is partly due to cost and the fact that some ideas do not work for a wedding of 300 people.  From the ice sculptures to imported chandeliers, I have slowly realized that weddings are a huge undertaking and it is best to have a clear vision from the get-go.

I have decided to make a list of priorities. Dad, if you’re reading this, I know I just made you very proud. This list will highlight everything on our ‘wishlist’ in order of preference to us (yes, I’m allowing Mr. X to weigh in).  It is not easy to categorize our ideas since there are so many that we have considered and it seems sad to have to list them in order of top to bottom.

We both agreed on photography and entertainment being the top of our list.  Wedding pictures are the only thing (unless you have a mother that shadowboxes everything) that are lifelong and you will cherish forever.  We have met with 4 photographers and have finally made a decision.  We have seen every picture in each of their portfolios but the key to us was asking to see full albums from past weddings and engagements.  It is easy to fall in love with a photographer based on their portfolios since they select their best work from the million dollar weddings but when you look at a wedding from start to finish you get a much better idea of their talents. We also feel that the band is an integral part of the day since they dictate your ‘party’.  We want our dance floor to be packed from start to finish and although I think our family and friends would dance to anything, a great band goes a long way.  It is such an important part to the reception and should not be overlooked by anyone.  We booked a band that we have seen at two previous weddings and loved both times.  It is a very easy way to know that they perform well in a similar setting as your wedding day.

At the end of the day, Mr. X and I are excited to be married.  Bottom line.  We are trying very hard to plan the most fabulous day but remain (somewhat) reasonable at the same time.  Making a list of priorities is a good way to determine what is truly important to you and what can be easily left off the list.  As of right now, we are starting to book our vendors and have decided to book in order of priority and in a month’s time we will re-evaluate what fun extras can be added. From personalized chargers to a change in dresses (and shoes), our list is getting long but we are slowly making headway.

We are four months away from the big day and have booked the venue, photographer, florist and band.  Oh and we ordered invites (oops, i don't think they were on the list!)  Stay tuned as the list continues to grow!

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