Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tea Time

“A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”Eleanor Roosevelt

Recently, I have had family and friends offer to throw me a 'tea' (aka a bridal shower) to celebrate my upcoming nuptials.  I am beyond excited for the events as my sister's tea was one to remember.  Thinking about that day a couple of years ago brings back such wonderful memories. My fabulous Aunt Candy, whom unfortunately passed away last year and I miss dearly, planned the most beautiful afternoon in honour of my sister. I think any bride-to-be would be lucky to have a day just like it.  When the ladies entered the house they were offered a glass of iced tea (how perfect!), wine or a smoothie.  Although it was called a tea, I think most people opted for the wine (after all it was after noon).  There was a tea bar set up in the kitchen with an assortment of teas, each labelled, and displayed in my aunt's stunning tea pots.  There was a large table of scones, canapes, wraps, party sandwiches and really any cute hor d'oeuvres you can think of!  She also prepared mini cupcakes which had a chocolate photo of the bride and groom.  They were so cute!!!  We laughed, we cried and the bride opened some beautiful, and also scandalous, gifts.  No detail went unnoticed on this afternoon and everyone seemed to have a wonderful day.  My sister was thrilled!  As each guest left, they were given a cookie in the shape of a tea pot with the bride's name on it and a bag of loose leaf tea.  These parting gifts were the perfect added touch.

Check out the pictures below:
My Aunt Candy displaying the tea!

The yumminess!


Cupcakes (courtesy of Lollicakes)

Below are fabulous finds from Etsy for your tea parties:

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It is so special to gather a group of ladies for an afternoon and I know that everyone that attended my sister's tea will always remember it.  It was a beautiful day and she felt honoured to have my aunt plan it.  I speak for many people when I say we miss you.

Yours truly,


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