Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WTB Hearts: Bradens Grace

We're total suckers for labeling, and fancy chalkboards alike, so when we discovered a wonderful little Etsy shop that married these two together, we were sold! The crafty creations brought to us by Bradens Grace feature a large variety of stands, tags, frames, wine charms and a bunch of other chalk friendly finds. The heart-shaped chalkboard labels are ideal for sticking on mason jars to create a shabby chic vibe for your candy bar.

Fancy Large Chalkboard Table Stands
Mini Chalkboard Table Stands
Vinyl Chalkboard Labels
Heart Chalkboard Labels
Chalkboard Clips
Chalkboard Love Bird Frame Set
Chalkboard Wine Charms
Chalk it up to fabulous.

Until next time,

A & S

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