Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WTB Hearts: IMproper Greetings

Parties can be tricky to get started, especially when you have a room full of ladies that don't know each other.  Everyone has attended a party where you run out of things to say within minutes and find yourselves talking about the weather.  Having ice breakers or conversation starters around will help break this awkwardness earlier (especially if alcohol isn't being served) and will ease the guests at your party.

IMproper Greetings have a fun and bold napkin collection that we believe will have everyone at your next affair talking.  They have taken vintage images and paired them with florescent colors and crude sayings and we adore them! Some of them might have your guests roaring with laughter and other guests might shake their heads but either way you will have people talking.

Here are some of our favorite napkins from their collection:

All photos were taken from Memory Road



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