Friday, 9 March 2012

Groomed to Perfection

"The most dangerous food is wedding cake." - American Proverb

Groom's cakes have become a very popular tradition for the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.  It is a great opportunity to be creative and stray from your colors and theme of your wedding day.  Often showcased at the rehearsal dinner, the cakes also lend themselves  for the centerpiece of the evening. Who doesn't love an edible focal point?  This is a great opportunity to make a cake just for your man!  Sports, video games and electronics are popular themes and always entertain the crowd and your groom.

Jenna Placey from The Investment Baker (I love the name!) made a cake for Mr. X for our Out-of-Towner dinner the night before our wedding.  I kept it a surprise from Mr. X and he was genuinely thrilled when he saw the masterpiece Jenna created.  Our biggest ongoing rivalry is between our hockey teams and I knew this would be the perfect theme for our cake.  The base of the cake was a hockey rink with both of our teams' logos on center ice.  On the edge a bride and groom sat in their opposing jerseys and the cake read, "Two Teams, One Love".  Our guests loved the cake and the red velvet flavor was a hit that night and the next morning. Thanks again Jenna for all of your hard work and this amazing cake!!

If you are planning to have a groom's cake, here are some great ideas:

E - this is perfect for Mr. A!

M - this one's for you!

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  1. I absolutely love the hockey wedding cake!