Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WTB Hearts: Scrap Bits

Thanking your guests is one custom not to be forgotten. Whether it's at a shower, bachelorette, engagement party or wedding, it's nice to thank your loved ones for being a part of your day.  These days, there are a variety of ways to thank your guests; favors, cards, donations, candy, home-made sweets, hotel bags and more. Get creative and add personal style and flair to each giveaway.

Scrap Bits is an Etsy shop featuring tags, stickers, and labels to adorn your goodies. Each item can be personalized to match your colour scheme or theme, and can include your wedding date, 'save the date', or your own unique way of saying thanks. We simply adore the crafty creativity with pops of vibrant colour and modern design. They also offer great stickers for baby showers, birthdays, corporate retreats, etc.

Check out some of our faves:

all images courtesy of Etsy

'Stick' to these and your guests will be in for quite the treat!

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A & S

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