Monday, 30 January 2012

Permission to be Trashy

“Trash has given us an appetite for art.” – Pauline Kael

To 'trash the dress' post-wedding has become a widespread trend for fearless brides everywhere. A 'trashing' session typically consists of a creatively daring photo shoot, where the newlyweds put on their bride and groom attire, and get messy while posing for the camera. The inspiration is to basically destroy the wedding dress in order to gain fabulously artsy photos to frame or add to the album.

The more imaginative the location, the ‘trashier’ the shoot can be. Outdoor settings often make for excellent pictures, like lying in the sand on the shore or stomping in muddy rain puddles; but capturing moments in your own backyard or bubble-filled bathtub is simply spectacular as well.

Rachel Roberston
Taylor Jackson
Bridal Boudoir
Nick Corona

We absolutely adore the idea of trashing the dress; it’s a wonderful way to cap off the fairytale wedding and the photos are priceless. Plus, the knot’s been tied, so rather than letting that gorgeous gown just hang in the closet, make more memories and trash that thing!

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