Friday, 13 January 2012

Live, Laugh, Lodge

"My friends have made the story of my life." - Helen Keller

Leading up to my wedding I had insisted on not having a bachelorette. Well, after last weekend, I am definitely glad my MOH and friends ignored me. The weekend was special, memorable and most definitely blog worthy. It began with a road trip with 4 of my favourite gal pals on a beautiful sunny day.  I was handed a personalized sweatshirt for the weekend and it was ideal – chillin, comfy and very me. When we arrived at Le Nordik, we were taken aback by the beauty of this picture perfect winter wonderland (I spent quite some time wishing I could take my wedding photos there).  

When we arrived at ‘Le Lodge’, we were greeted by my MOH, S and J. There were goody bags with everyone’s names on them prepared by my mom and sister (MOH). The bags were silver (of course!) and were filled with slippers for each lady, snowflake cookies, candles, and hot chocolate. It was a great start to a fabulous night.

Beside the bags sat a stunning display of s’mores in a jar for each guest with delicately decorated favour tags, each with a sparkly snowflake and a different quote about friendship.  They read “Girls have s’more fun!” – isn’t that the truth! The amount of work that went into these was amazing and no one but S could have pulled it off.

We spent the weekend soaking in the tubs, relaxing in the saunas, enjoying the steam rooms and eventually retiring to ‘le lodge’ for some festivities, laughter, yummy meals and goodies.  It was absolutely incredible to have a winter getaway with my best friends and I am truly grateful for everyone that was there.

I feel very lucky to have the sister and friends that I do!

Yours truly,


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