Tuesday, 10 January 2012

27 Dresses

"Don't you think this [bridesmaids] dress could stand to be a little shorter?" - Samantha Jones (SATC)

If your closet is starting to look like Katherine Heigl’s, filled with bold and bright coloured dresses, that you swore you would never wear again, you may be in luck. Solid coloured sheaths are very much in style, as are long maxi dresses, and so those over-priced bridesmaid frocks might actually serve a purpose. Often brides will say to their maids, when purchasing their dress, “it’s perfect to wear again and again...”. The bridesmaids smile and nod knowing very well that it will never happen.  They appease their friends by buying the expensive, simple gown and hope that at some point it might see the light of day again.

Here are some tips on how to successfully re-wear your bridesmaids dresses:

-     Have it shortened or altered – many long dresses would look great at a cocktail length and you might be more likely to rock it. Also consider changing the style to make it more ‘you’. Remove one sleeve to make it more dramatic, or take a halter dress and make it strapless. Worst case scenario is you don’t like your new creation...but at least you tried.

-     Accessorize! Add a bib necklace, belt, broach or jacket to a dress to spice it up (or camouflage) the original dress.

-     A different crowd; if you're attending a wedding as a ‘plus one’ for your man, opt for wearing one of your bridesmaids dresses that no one will recognize.

-     Use this as an excuse to buy new shoes! Sport an old dress in order to justify splurging on a fabulous pair of pumps (totally logical, I know).

If you're nervous about showing up to a wedding looking like one of the bridesmaids, something to keep in mind; do your homework. Make sure you find out the colour scheme and any details of the ladies’ dresses to avoid looking like one. It would be humiliating for you and the bridal party to show up looking all matchy matchy. After all, you don’t wear white to a wedding for a reason. Take your cues from the chosen hues to judge if your dress colour works for the affair. If so, wear it proudly! You'll feel better staring at those dresses hanging in your closet knowing they were worn more than once.

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