Thursday, 5 January 2012

Not Your A-typical Bachelorette

A bachelorette party, hen party or stagette as it's often referred to in other parts of the world, is actually a relatively new, cultural phenomenon. Apparently modeled after the ‘bachelor’s dinner’, which was a feast thrown in the groom’s honour shortly before the wedding, the modern day approach to celebrating the bride-to-be is said to have begun during the sexual revolution of the 1960’s as a symbolic significance of gender equality.

Traditionally, bachelorette extravaganzas are known to involve female-fused debauchery, which may or may not include drinking games and male strippers. A slightly more demure but similar soiree could include pole dancing lessons, club hopping or scavenger hunts filled with hilariously ridiculous man-missions.

The typical bachelorette amongst my close gal pals largely differs from what has been described above. This past summer, my besties threw a three day, cottage festivity to celebrate three brides-to-be (myself and two of my nearest and dearest friends). Each bride had a day of fun planned with her in mind, and it was a truly incredible and most memorable occasion for us all.

As coincidence (and pure awesomeness!) would have it, A became engaged just a few days before that epic weekend took place. It’s been clear from the start that A did not want a ‘get down and dirty Vegas-style fete’ thrown in honour of her upcoming nuptials. So, as an ode to our fave winter bride-to-be, we will be toasting to her this weekend at the oh-so-chic Le Nordik; the largest Scandinavian spa in North America. A’s wonderful sister (and dearly dedicated MOH!) has planned a fantastic evening in the lavishly cozy lodge (sorry, can’t share any other details at the moment) and relaxing day of spa treatments and heat therapy in the outdoor baths.  

Le Nordik
We’re all very excited for a wonderful night that’s sure to be full of reminiscing, rejoicing, and some much needed R&R.



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