Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WTB Hearts: All About Romance

The fashions of the past certainly seem to sway the styles of the future. All About Romance is a winning testament to just that; with inspiration stemming from turn of the century Edwardian era to the fluttering femininity of the 1930’s.

Premium silks, satins, laces and vintage accoutrements are employed to delicately handcraft an array of stunning hair adornments and gorgeous garters, along with a selection of beautiful jewelry pieces of Victorian influence.

Lily, Bridal Crystal Rhinestone Headband or Halo
Adorned. Ivory Couture Style Single Flower Fascinator
Blushing Bride. Heirloom Bridal Garter. Feathers, Velvet, Lace, Handmade Flower
A Touch of Lace. Heirloom Bridal Garter. Vintage Lace, Velvet
Victorian Style Pearl and Crystal Necklace
Pearls of Sarah. Champagne Pearl Teardrop Earring Dangles
all photos courtesy of Etsy

Exuding elegance and captivating us with charm, All About Romance is the perfect stop for wedding day glamour.

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A & S

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