Friday, 16 December 2011

An Even Busier Bee

We're all busy little bees, full of strings, making honey day and night, aren't we honey?" – Bette Davis

With 63 days to go (eeeek!), things have been very busy.  In the last few weeks I have had 3 bridal teas, luncheons and brunches and each one has been filled with love and anticipation for the wedding.  We have also sent out our invites, hired wedding planner Melissa Samborksi, from One Fine Day Events, seen our sample centrepieces, chosen our menu and started thinking about our hotel gift bags.  We have been busy to say the least.  And believe it or not, I also have a full time job.

I originally wrote that we were going ahead with our plans without a planner but have recently had a change in heart.  After meeting with Melissa, I realize that she will be undertaking all of the little details that most people don’t know even go into that day. She has guaranteed us that on our wedding day she will take care of every detail you could think of and nothing will fall on my, or my father’s, shoulders.  There are so many unknowns on your big day and as organized and prepared as I am, I happy to know that I will have a professional by my side making sure my visions are executed the exact way I dreamt them to.  I was so happy to connect with Melissa and trust that she will add so much to this process.

Once the invites were sent out, everything felt real.  To me, it means that we are in the home stretch. When I got a phone call last Friday that my best friend and grandmother received theirs, I was overjoyed.  It has been so special to hear from different people and hear their excitement leading up to our big day.  As of yesterday, we had already received 10 reply cards and couldn’t be more excited. 

Next up is our menu tasting (can’t wait!!), my first dress fitting, choosing our tables, booking our honeymoon, getting the marriage license, dance lessons and much, much more. 

I’m counting down the days, and hoping I get everything done! 

Also, hoping Mr. X had a weekend to remember with his boys!

Yours truly,


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