Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WTB Hearts: Your Happily Ever After

I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now that we are very detail oriented people.  We love any extra touch that sets your big day apart and thrive on finding new ideas.  Planning ahead is certain to make your day easier and paying extra attention to the little things will pay off when you get your pictures.   

We adore the trend of having photos of your shoes taken, after all, you usually can’t see them under the dress, and more often than not they deserve their own picture.  Today we are showcasing fun sayings, designs and crystals for the bottom of your shoes!  These are perfect to give any bride and groom as a shower gift and they also have shoe adornments for your bridal party. Whether your photographer is capturing an artsy snapshot of your feet, or catching a glimpse of your sole while sitting, or even up in the air mid-Hora, these accessories are sure to make an imprint in your wedding album for years to come.  

Have a look at what we found at the wonderful Etsy shop, Your Happily Ever After, and start the new trend of not just fancy feet but glammed-up soles.

"I Do" Shoe Crystals - Etsy - Your Happily Ever After

"Mr." and "Mrs." Shoe bling - Etsy - Your Happily Ever After

"I Do" Accessories in any colour to match your decor or maids - Etsy - Your Happily Ever After

"Team Bride" - Etsy - Your Happily Ever After

"I Do" and "Me Too" - Etsy - Your Happily Ever After

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A & S

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