Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WTB Hearts: Garters by Kristi

“If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” – Author Unknown

The tradition of tossing the bride’s garter is slightly outdated but we still think garters are fabulous!  The European tradition was thought to bring good luck for a man to have an article of the bride’s attire.  The belief also states that the single man to catch it will be the next one to tie the knot and should share the next dance with the lady that catches the bouquet.  While this tradition might not be widely practised anymore, we love catching a glimpse of a flashy and unexpected garter.  Whether it’s used only for photos or to surprise your groom at the end of the night, they are such fun details that should not be forgotten.

Garters by Kristi is an online shop that features hundreds of garters to suit any bride.  They make fabulous shower or bachelorette gifts and the Messieurs are sure to love them.  She showcases  different sports teams, and an array of fun and colourful pieces to sport under your gown. There are various themed garters offered and each one has a small blue bow on it so they can be used as a bride's 'something blue'. For S’s bachelorette our girlfriends presented her with a Montreal Canadians garter and Mr. Y was thrilled! She managed to keep it a surprise until the wedding night and although he would have been thrilled to see anything under her dress, he was wowed when he saw his favourite hockey team’s logo tied around her leg.  The other great detail is that each garter comes with a garter to throw into the crowd and one to keep as a memento.  Check out her website and surprise your man or your friends with these innovative and fun garters!
New York Yankees Garter

For the Musical Bride

Pretty in Pink garter - would be cute to match your bridesmaids' dresses

Montreal Canadiens Garter - the one that S sported on her wedding night

For the Winter Bride

Leopard garter - for J!

Ottawa Senators garter - Mr. X would not be pleased

All of the above garters can be found at Garters by Kristi.  Happy shopping!

Until next time,

A & S

p.s. until December 31st you will receive $5 off your purchase if you mention 'facebook' in your comments.

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