Monday, 7 November 2011

Busy Bee

"Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t wed, plan." - Mary (Jennifer Lopez), The Wedding Planner

This weekend was a busy one for me!  I have decided to proceed with my plans sans wedding planner so besides my full time job (and of course our blog!), I have been extremely consumed with wedding details.   It is very difficult to get meetings during the week so I am left with jamming my weekends full with wedding planning.  It seems I had an ‘ah ha’ moment yesterday when I realized everything was slowly coming together and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.  

With our wedding day just over 3 months away, I decided it was 'go' time as soon as we hit November.  The weekend started with a very successful floral/decor consultation with a company that was recommended to me.  From the beginning they seemed to understand my vision for a Winter Wonderland wedding and the consultant and I (and Mr. X!) worked well together to put my vision on to paper.  We met in their warehouse which was fabulous since every time I made a suggestion or showed a picture, they would scurry into the back to show me their supply and make suggestions.  I realized that I need to be more up front with my expectations to avoid disappointment so I made my goals and timeline clear and was extremely impressed when I had a breakdown in cost and details from them within one day.  I am meeting with two more decor consultants this week and then a decision will be made and I will share who I have decided to book.

Next up was the cake! I made a phone call last week to the company I was hoping to hire to create our masterpiece and was a little shocked when they told me they usually book weddings 6-8 months in advance!! After they did some rescheduling they said they would fit me in and we booked an appointment to discuss the design within the next two weeks.  I then found out that they will give me a box of samples to choose our cake flavour! I think Mr. X’s ears perked up a little when he heard that part.  

Throughout the rest of Saturday, I shopped around for favour boxes, charger plates, hotel gift bags and of course, outfits for our upcoming engagement shoot.  I also confirmed our hair and make-up artists and have booked them both for trials.  It was an extremely busy day but I’m happy to report it was very successful!  I never thought I would enjoy the plans as much as I do and I am also realizing it is an amazing bonding experience with Mr. X and our families, which I love.

We met my parents on the side of the highway for lunch yesterday (they live in Ottawa and we are in Toronto) to discuss certain plans in person.  We spent 3 hours in a restaurant finalizing our guest list, addresses, timing and schedules.  We also chose a liner for our invites (which will be going to print this week!!!) and discussed the potential plans for the night before and the morning after.  We also made the very important decision about my shoes (yes, I bought two pairs).  We all left with a list of things to get done and I was wowed when I got home to an email of a floor plan from my ever amazing parents.  It seems November hit us all with wedding fever and now we can’t be stopped!

In the next few days, I plan to confirm our florist, choose a wedding song, and start teaching Mr. X how to dance. Should be a fun week!

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