Tuesday, 27 September 2011

You Know You Love Me!

I was anxiously awaiting the return of Blair and Serena tonight and I was ecstatic when it dawned on me (thanks to the previously seen on intro) that the Blair Waldorf was planning a wedding! From the save the dates to the foreshadowed mother-in-law problems, it seems it will be an exciting season for all brides to be (and of course all GG enthusiasts).  Could this timing be any better?? I am planning a wedding in tandum with Blair Waldorf! I will be sure to tune in every Monday and document the week's best of bridal from Blair Waldorf.  I am envisioning some exquisite gowns, inspiring bridal showers, themed bachelorettes and of course drama, drama, drama!  Blair mentioned a November wedding which means she will be a Winter bride and I am bursting of excitement.

While I found most of the episode a bit of a snooze-fest, I was happy to see some familiar faces and am hopeful this season will offer some inspiring fashion and innovative wedding ideas.  The ending was intriguing (shotgun wedding anyone?) and I will definitely be tuning in next week!

Below is a picture of Blair wearing her majesty’s (Louis’ mother) wedding dress with a beautiful bouquet of pink peonies (my fave!)

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