Monday, 26 September 2011

We Thee Wed!

Hi!  We’re both blogging virgins but after the last few months of our wedding planning process, we have decided it’s about time that we share our stories, experiences,  thoughts, joys and above all else, our passion for all things wedding!   

We’ve gone through it all together - elementary school, middle school, camp, boyfriends, jobs, friends and now our weddings!  S is a 27 year old red headed firecracker, standing at 5 feet with more character and spunk than most people know how to handle.  A is 26 and recently engaged! With more than enough optimism to fill any room and known to always see the best in any situation, we make a great team!  We paired up at the age of 6 with a terrible first play date, but we’ll get to that later.  We have been inseparable ever since and for years have shared many common loves (bags and shoes people – not boys!), the latest and best of all being WEDDINGS! Living in different cities is less than ideal for us two, but thanks to wedding fever amongst many of our nearest and dearest, this past year has granted the luxury of lots of QT.   

Now that the planning of our own weddings is well underway, we wanted to share our obsession for anything and everything that goes along with tying the knot! From how they proposed and engagement soirees to bridal showers and of course, the Big Day itself!  We’re sticklers for rules, etiquette and precedents but sometimes laissez faire about the rest; we hope our notions and opinions will inspire and entertain all brides, MOHs, and bridesmaids - past, present and future.  

It is with great delight that we introduce “With This Bling”

Till next time,

A & S

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