Tuesday, 27 September 2011

You Catch More Brides With Honey

Along with the quest to find the gown of your dreams is the search for the perfect accessories. Of course, the foundation for all other purchases is the dress, so once that’s laid down; it’s all about the elegant extras.

Regardless of the style, a wonderfully simple way to embellish your look is with a hair adornment.

I scouted vintage shops and tons of online retailers before coming across a true gem; Twigs & Honey. Designer Myra Callan has graced us with an array of lovely accessories for brides, bridesmaids, and all ladies with an occasion.

In addition to silk flowers, belts and mini hats, the collection features a variety of hair pieces; from veils and tiaras to crystal combs and headbands, Twigs & Honey boasts true beauties, adding sophisticated sparkle to any mane.

Below is the fabulous comb I’ve chosen to wear in my ‘do when I say “I do”:

 And a few more obsession-worthy items:

All photos were taken from Twigs & Honey

It can take a few weeks to receive an order as each piece is handmade, but check out their new Ready to Ship section for a list of goods that are shipped out within one week!

Happy hunting!



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