Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Keep On Truckin'

Let it be known that we are BIG fans of the late night wedding snack. We like a little salty along with our sweet, and you can count on party-goers appreciating a quick greasy fix post-dance floor. There are so many fabulously cute ideas for serving up delish mini eats at the stroke of midnight, but a relatively recent trend is the food truck phenomenon. Having one of those bad boys roll up will wow the guests while simultaneously satisfying their (most likely, drunken) cravings.

When it comes to Montreal, the talented foodies behind Grumman '78 deliver an array of tacos to die for, with vegetarian options like refried beans with Spanish pimento, pickled onions and julienne radish topped with feta, or the heartier braised beef burrito for meat lovers. End your evening with a fiesta!

In Ottawa, the renowned Relish the Flavour carts a slew of delectable delights, inspired by Canadian, Mexican and Asian flavours, such as the fried green tomato open faced sammy with basil mayo and home made potato chips, masa cakes with jerk chicken and mango salsa, and fresh mini doughnuts with strawberry sauce. Yes please!

Toronto hauls the likes of Gourmet Bitches, stacked with a seriously bitchin' menu. Besides the fact that we LOVE the name (obviously), this food truck totes something for everyone, with tamarind and kiwi beef sliders, dry rub chicken wings and Korean yam fries to name a few (there's even a kale and arugula salad with garlic chips for skinny bitches). Love it.

Gourmet grub like this will have your guests talking...with their mouths full.

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