Friday, 6 July 2012

It's Getting Hot in Here

"Summer heat, boy and girl meet, but uh-oh those summer nights"  Summer Nights, Grease 

With the heat wave upon us, it is quite clear that summer is here! For all the brides that have spent the last year planning their big day, it is impossible to let a little humidity get in their way.  However, your guests might not agree.  Embracing an outdoor ceremony will be a little tough when your skirt is stuck to the backs of your legs and your hair has glued itself to your forehead.  Think of them sitting under the scorching sun and plan ahead for your outdoor nuptials and consider turning your wedding ceremony programs into fans! They are practical, charming and your guests will be thanking you in this hot and sticky weather.

Below are some "chilling" examples:
This stylish fan comes in an array of colors and can be found on Etsy
White and coral fans found at Martha Stewart Weddings - download template HERE and make them yourself!!
Chandelier Estate Opulence Fan Program by Citrine Designs 
Bright yellow heart shaped fans - photos from Style Me Pretty
Wedding Party Program - found on Style Me Pretty
A basket of fans as guests enter your ceremony - Pinterest

We think these are FANtastic!

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