Tuesday, 19 June 2012

From One Bride to the Next - Part Three

The next tidbit of advice I offer, before you embark on the best day of your life, is again about scheduling.  Having your day mapped out will help navigate it seamlessly and I cannot stress enough how important it is. 

So, today's tip is to schedule your hair and make-up appointments as early in the morning as possible.  I am by no means suggesting that you and your maids begin your day at 6 am; but the earlier, the better (within reason). On your wedding day, you will be so excited and anxious that there is no room for a slow start.  Once hair and make-up is done, you can begin your getting ready pictures, solo shots, preparing for your reveal, etc.  Give yourself ample time - you can never predict the little delays like your eyelashes going awry, the need to redo your 'do, or your zipper getting stuck. Things are bound to get tied up at some point in the day, so being ready early is helpful. Limo drivers, photographers, videographers and other key players are also working on a schedule, and so if you're not ready, their timeline will be affected (and no one likes a cranky vendor).

Be punctual and practical and you'll be a happy bride.

Your truly,


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