Tuesday, 5 June 2012

All Stores, One Registry

“Then they [couples] have the audacity to go shopping and pick out their own gifts. I want to know who the first person was who said this was okay.” - Chelsea Handler

Registering for wedding gifts is a fun (mostly) and imperative step in the wedding process. After all, who doesn't want to pick out hundreds of gifts!?  First, you must decide where to register and then you and your soon to be Mr. need to agree (or so we make them believe) on all household essentials.  Mr. X and I registered at The BayWilliam Ashley's and Pottery Barn.  Our choices were based on our china pattern which was exclusive to Ashley's, the Bay being Nationwide and our obsession with all things Pottery Barn.  We were thrilled with all of our gifts, however, we both felt the websites needed to be updated and we had second rate service at many of the stores.

I often hear people say they wish they could register at Best Buy, Home Depot, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel and William Sonoma, and the list goes on; well now you can!

Myregistry.com is a brilliant website that allows you to register everywhere you would like and organize it under one universal registry.  If you have already registered, it allows you to sync your existing registries and send guests to only one site.  Myregistry.com also enables you to tastefully register for cash gifts.  You can create different categories that guests can then contribute towards. For example, the honeymoon fund, baby fund, finished basement fund, etc.  The options are endless!  The best part about this site is how easy it is to use.  You can scan a barcode from your phone in any store for the item to be added to your database as well as add items while surfing online.  It really can't get any better than this!

Check out this video from their site:

Start clicking and scanning and soon you will have an organized, one-stop shop registry.

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