Friday, 2 November 2012

Obsession Confession: Luxe Finds

Our major passion for parties and all things fancy fun makes Pinterest, well, pretty much the best website EVER. It is a haven of creative inspiration for all facets of life, but there seems to be somewhat of an emphasis on wedding-related content. Like us, brides of past, present and future are having a field day pinning pictures of décor, dream dresses and more. For your daily fill of fabulous, check out WTB’s Pinterest here:

One of our absolute fave pinners is Luxe Finds, a luxury lifestyle search engine geared towards women and focusing on weddings, décor, beauty, fashion, and all the other good stuff!

Luxe Finds features a board dedicated to ring shots, and we are simply over the moon for some of these photographic ideas on how to showcase your beautiful bands on the big day.

Cigar Ring Shot
Ring on Wine Corks
Die-cast Car

Floral Shot

Tee Time (for golf lovers!)


Rock Candy (for you rock!)

Rustic Ring Shot

Starfish (great for a beach destination wedding)

Vintage Keys

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Until next time,

A & S


  1. The bands on vintage keys - my favorite! or maybe the corks? Or the starfish ...

    Love your blog!