Monday, 27 August 2012

Look Who Nailed It: Pretty Please

Along with most of the ladies I know, my nails are an obsession. My once weekly manicure (don’t judge me) is what I consider an elective necessity. One of my dream jobs has always been to be a ‘Nail Polish Namer’ (come on, how awesome would that be?). Then I came across Pretty Please, a fabulous, NYC based company that allows you to creatively customize your own bottle of nail lacquer!

With 12 amazing hues to choose from, ranging from perfect pastels to bright berry tones, Pretty Please offers you the chance to pick your fave shade and aptly name it! The ideal favor for showers, bachelorettes and bridal party gifts, impress your besties by tailoring the moniker to the event.

What's in a name???

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It’s time to get pretty personal.




  1. While it's not naming nail polish's, this could be a great second pick: