Friday, 11 May 2012

Find Your SoleMate

Whether it's an outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea, a lovely lit tent reception, or just a good ol' fashioned garden party, there is always one major wardrobe issue that plagues us; high heels. They spike right through the grass and lend absolutely no support in the sand, but since fancy footwear plays a pivotal role in the makings of a perfect outfit, we either opt to suffer or hope to find a wedge  dressy enough to suit the occasion.

So naturally, when I stumbled upon The SoleMates, I instantly recognized the genius of the invention. Co-founders Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson brainstormed this brilliant idea in college and created SoleMates High Heeler®; a discreet and easy to use contraption that fits snugly on most stiletto and kitten heels to increase the surface area of the base and eliminate sinking into the ground!

SoleMates High Heeler®

Added bonus for all us shorties - they add about another inch in height :)



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