Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WTB Hearts: Digi Buddha Art Prints

“Life itself is a quotation.” – Jorge Luis Borges

It's pretty clear to see that we have a thing for quotes; it also just so happens we're huge fans of crafty and unique gifts. So we were naturally impressed and enthralled to discover Digi Buddha Art Prints. Offering a collection of inspirational sayings and quirky anecdotes showcased using digital wall art, this shop lends to a variety of types and tastes.

'LOVE' Scribble Typography Word Art
'I Believe In Pink' Audrey Hepburn Quote
'Worrying Is Like A Rocking Chair' Inspirational Quote
'Chandelier' Modern Wall Art
'Check For Murderer' Bathroom Wall Art
'Biggest Mistake' Inspirational Quote

The perfect combo of encouraging and entertaining :)

Until next time,

A & S

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